2012. július 5., csütörtök

Green RefBack

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 Green-RefBack offer professional refback with the best PTC site. RefBack it's a reliable way to earn money on internet. Join and start maximize your earning. Becomes a member of this community, its free to join, no investment required, members from all country are welcome. Payment request can be made every day and are processed throught Alertpay and Paypal within 1 day all members.

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 How does it work? 

 Look here :

 1. select from among the active sites, which one do you want to join.

 2. User type: normal user.

 3. Enter the user name with which you registered on the same page.

 4. Masked the page? Choose a username masked.

5. The mask on, you got your numbers via e-mail confirmation will find the activation link. The connection to the letter U is foreseen, after which you only need to enter the 8 digits. If there is no confirmation email, you are on the board, the exact date of the registration you will have the mask number for this case, ask the admins a list of the members unmasked. If you are not going to enter the chat connection to the exact date, (h min) and the admin enter the number to which you connect.